Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Wedding Signage Part 2

Little by little these projects are getting crossed off my list and I am LOVING it! 

If you remember from my last wedding signage post, I still had a decent amount of signs to complete:

Doeblerghini Bunch - Wedding Signage To Do List
And as of yesterday, I'm able to cross all but one off that list! 
I was browsing Michael's the other day and came across three bright blue what I call fancy frames.  A little rotary sanding and some craft paint fixed those right up and turned them into three signs to display throughout the reception.
The first was this "You Can Dance" sign. 
Doeblerghini Bunch - Wedding Signage - Trust Me, You Can Dance
And then there's this seating chart sign, also encouraging people to dance.
Doeblerghini Bunch - Wedding Signage - You can find your seat here
And the last one advertising our Instrgram hashtag!
Doeblerghini Bunch - Wedding Signage - Instagram Hashtag
With those done, I was able to concentrate on harassing my Mom to get me some old family photos. 
Once she scanned them to me, all it took was a quick trip to Walgreens for some prints and our memorial and wedding photo displays were complete.
Here's the memorial frame that we'll display at the ceremony and reception.   
Doeblerghini Bunch - Wedding Signage Memorial Frame
From left to right:  My Dad's parents - Grammie (Helen) and Grampy (John) to me, Dude's Mom's father - Grandpa (Joe), Dude's father's mother - Gram (Rose), and my Mom's Dad - Grandpa (Joe)
I just love seeing these old photographs of our grandparents.  These memorial photos are so dear to my heart, they truly show everyone's personality and I think it's an awesome way to remember the people who can't be with us on our wedding day.
And seriously, how awesome is the photo of Dude's Grandfather with the Nintendo blaster???  You know he was kicking ass at some Duck Hunt!
Ready for some more awesome old pictures and a hilariously awesome blue leisure suit??  Check out my reigning favorite DIY project - our wedding photo display, with the wedding photos of our parents and grandparents. 
Doeblerghini Bunch - Wedding Signage - Wedding Photo Display
I love this.  I just absolutely, positively love it.  Dude and I are lucky in that all of our parents and grandparents were/are fantastic examples of how to love and continue loving through good times and bad.  Both of our parents have been married for 40+ years; and our grandparents are/were the same. 
I am so excited to see everyone's reactions to these photos!!  My Grammie and Grampy are in the middle of the back row - how glamorous were they?  And that blue leisure suit on Dude's Dad?  Classic! 
The last sign I finished was the "Seat Not a Side" sign referenced in the hilarious text from my Mom a couple of weeks ago. 
Doeblerghini Bunch - Wedding Signage - Seat not a Side

So guys, what do you think?  Are any of you having a memorial photo display at your weddings?  What about signs I haven't thought of?  And where should that vodka sign go?  At the bar?  By the dance floor?

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