Thursday, June 5, 2014

30 Before 30

I'm gonna preface this post by saying I have no significant, tear-jerking, or otherwise interesting reason for creating a 30 by 30 list other than I'm kinda freaking out about turning 30 in a year and having a list like this makes it less scary. 

For those of you unfamiliar with these kind of lists, basically it's a bucket list of things you want to accomplish by a certain time in the near future, instead of "before I die."

I'll do my best to blog as I check things off my list, and I'll most definitely be Instagramming with the hashtag #30before30 so please follow along with me, I could definitely use some encouragement!! 

1.      Get married!
2.      Visit Niagara Falls
3.      Take the dogs on a long hike at a national park
4.      Go to North Carolina
5.      Take a road trip to Melt
6.      Run in this 5K
7.      Go on a honeymoon or mini-moon with Dude somewhere we’ve never been
8.      Plant a tree
9.      Take a Pure Barre class
10.  Get the garden going again
11.  Send 10 handmade and handwritten cards/notes to friends and family
12.  Complete one major house upgrade (landscaping, retaining wall, getting rid of paneling, updating laundry room, replacing trim, fixing the dining room window, SOMETHING!)
13.  Complete a 30 Photos in 30 Days challenge
14.  Do a new adventurous activity – skydiving, paddle boarding, white-water rafting, bungee jumping, paragliding)
15.  Have Dude teach me how to longboard
16.  Read (at least) 26 new books
17.  Go to a Pirates or Penguins game
18.  Spend a weekend in New York with Gram
19.  Knit this full-size blanket
20.  Finish gallery wall in upstairs hallway
21.  Replace all commercial cleaners in the house with homemade
22.  Go on a Ducky tour
23.  Visit friends for a weekend outside of Pittsburgh
24.  Host a dinner party
25.  Complete at least one professional development course
26.  Work on growing the blog- the goal is 100 followers, think I can manage it?
27.  Take an agility course with Pepper
28.  Go to a Maple Festival with Dude (This one?)
29.  Visit Falling Water
30.  Work with Zeke on CGC Skills

So that's my list - what does yours look like?  Do we match up anywhere? 

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