Thursday, April 24, 2014

Young Lady, Where Have You Been!

Hey! Long time no see!  I know things have been a bit quiet around here lately and there’s a not-so-good reason for that.

You see… I started this whole blogging adventure with the end goal of eventually blogging for WeddingBee.  That’s why all my posts end with questions that are never answered in the comments and why I posted so darn frequently for so long with no real readership other than my Mom and maybe BM Momma. 

At the beginning of the month, I got the dreaded form letter…I was rejected.  BUMMER.  MAJOR Bummer. 

I felt like all this work I’ve been doing since frickin November was a complete and total waste of time.  I felt like my writing style sucked and the things I posted weren’t even worth reading.

So I spent a couple of weeks moping around, feeling sorry for myself.  All the while, I was working on wedding projects and thinking, “I should totally takes some pictures of this for the blog!”

Last Saturday, I was working on lining our invitation envelopes and I realized – Hey, I like blogging!  I like getting my thoughts out, I like sharing what’s going on for the few people that care, and most of all, I like having a permanent (albeit online) record of this amazing time in my life.  And if WeddingBee doesn't want me, who cares.  I'm not doing this for them, I'm doing it for me.

And because of that – I’m back to blogging whether I’m a Bee or not.  And a benefit for you guys – since I’m no longer trying to be accepted to blog for a wedding website, you’ll be seeing more of our regular life – DIY projects around the house, adventures with Zeke and Pepper, and also more swearing.  Sorry Mom. 

So during my non-official hiatus, here’s what you missed:
  • I finished designing our wedding invitations and got them printed
  • I designed and created a fantastic (If I do say so myself) welcome bag for BM NYC’s wedding on May 3rd - tutorial and free printables coming soon!
  • We reserved our rehearsal dinner spot - Siba in Seven Fields, PA
  • I lined all 140 invitation envelopes with a bajillion sheets of scrapbook paper - tutorial & template coming soon! - and sent them off to my Mom to be calligrified.  Is calligrified a word?
  • I punched out a bajillion and 20 belly band labels for the invites
  • We stamped all 140 invitation and RSVP envelopes with our custom address stamp from Invitation Box
  • I finished our Memorial and Historical Wedding signage - post coming soon to show you the final products
  • I designed table numbers, wine bottle labels and tip holders - tutorial and free printable coming soon!
  • We finished buying all the centerpiece vases 
  • I learned the difference between escort cards and place cards and then bought a crapton of pre-folded escort cards from Paper Source
  • I lost $20 at the casino but ate some kickass fondue at BM NYC’s bachelorette party
  • We finally bought our custom wedding bands – we’ll get to see them in 3-4 weeks!!
  • If went to my first dress fitting at Clarissa Boutique and fell in love with my dress all over again
  • My awesome MOH’s, Bridesmaids, Mom, and future MIL are all working hard to plan both a Red Lion and Pittsburgh shower for me.  Another thing I cannot wait for.
  • My AMAZING Dad created a life-size Connect 4 board to set up at the wedding – beyond stoked for this and can’t wait to show you all pictures of it!!
  • Been anxiously watching our registry to see what’s been bought!  :D
What we’ve got coming up in the next month:
  • BM NYC’s wedding!!
  • Dude making cufflinks for his groomsmen
  • Cookie baking and freezing
  • Rehearsal dinner invites
  • Writing our vows (should we do this separately or together?)
  • Figuring out ceremony decorations
  • Designing the program for the ceremony with BM NYC’s sister
  • Making table number holders
  • Buying thousands of dollars of booze for the reception
And that’s about it!  It’s hard to believe how quickly all of this is coming together!  And for the few of you out there – I can’t wait to share it with you!


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