Saturday, March 22, 2014

T25 STAT-urday: Week 5

Well guys, I'm sorry to admit it, but this was not a great T25 week for me.  I missed working out on Tuesday, which snowballed into Thursday and Friday.  And now I'm in Red Lion going Mother of the Bride dress shopping with my Mom and I didn't even attempt to bring the DVDs with me. 

The only positive is that every day this week, even the days I didn't do T25, I still got out with the dogs; and I'm not deviating from clean eating. 

It's hard, especially right now with my Mom trying to tempt me with her baking and other delicious treats!! 

But this week's inspiration rings so, so true for me. 

Doeblerghini Bunch:  A body in motion wants to stay in motion, a body at rest seeks more rest

Hopefully next week will be better.

My stats were basically stagnat this week.

Weight: 126.5lbs
Chest: 36in
Waist: 24.75in
Hips: 36in
Thighs: 20.25in
Arms: 11in 

How did you guys do?

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