Monday, February 17, 2014

Thank You for Being a Friend: Bridesmaid Edition

One thing has been occupying the main part of my brain, and my Pinterest searches, for the better part of two weeks – thank you gifts.

I told Dude I would handle buying the gifts for my girls, the ring bearer and flower girl, and our parents.  He’s in charge of getting gifts for his guys, but if he slacks in this department, I may have to help him.

Before I go any further, Doeblerghini wedding party – unless you want to be spoiled, you better scoot! 

Now that those whackos are gone, here’s what I’m getting for all my girls:

You may remember from my previous Bridesmaid Dilemma post that I was concerned about hair/makeup costs and covering it for all my girls.  

Thanks to your advice, I've decided to bring a hair and makeup team (oh my god I sound so cool when I say that, don't I??) to my suite the morning of the wedding.  I'm covering hair for anyone who wants it; and if the girls want their makeup done, they'll have to pay.  In addition, they'll be getting these gifts at the rehearsal dinner.

I originally bought this necklace for everyone in a pumpkin color to match the unofficial orange and grey theme we have going.  I loved it for awhile but then I found another one I liked during an Etsy Cyber Monday sale.  Woops!

Doeblerghini Bunch:  Thank You Gifts - Sea Glass Necklace

This is the second necklace.  Since I have no use for 6 orange necklaces with someone else’s initials on them, I’m going to give them both necklaces and they can wear whichever one they prefer on wedding day.

Doeblerghini Bunch:  Thank You Gifts - Sparrow Necklace

Doeblerghini Bunch:  Thank You Gifts - Necklace on Card

No matter what, the necklaces are going on these cards I whipped up a few weeks ago.  I'd be happy to pass on the template if anyone is interested!  Just send me an email

I got these make up bags on super sale on Black Friday in a different pattern for every girl and they are so cute!  I’ll fill it with goodies like lipgloss or nail poilish, maybe a mini bottle of booze or some snacks.

Doeblerghini Bunch:  Thank You Gifts - Makeup Bag 

I actually got these clear double-walled tumblers at the UPS Store on clearance for $5!  So I’m going to glitter-ize and monogram them myself.  Then I’ll put a $5 or $10 gift card inside each one for either Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts depending on the preferences of my girls.

Doeblerghini Bunch:  Thank You Gifts - Glitter Tumbler

Then to round out my gifts, I’m getting each girl something special just for them.

For MOH BsB:
BsB and I had a falling out a few years ago and we reconnected just in time for her wedding and then bonded all over again over the amazing Harry Potter series.  It’s because of her I actually picked up the books after avoiding them for so long.  I can’t imagine a gift more appropriate for her!

Doeblerghini Bunch:  Thank You Gifts - Hogwarts Alumni Sweatshirt

For MOH Hoboken:
Since she’s an archer and even competed competitively at one point, I’m getting her this gold arrow ring she has pinned to her “I Want!” Pinterest board.

Doeblerghini Bunch:  Thank You Gifts - Arrow Ring


For BM Beam:
Beam loves giraffes and the second I saw this trinket dish, I knew I had to get it for her.  This was the first and easiest gift I bought.

Doeblerghini Bunch:  Thank You Gifts - Giraffe Dish

NYC was HARD!  She’s one of those people that if she wants something, she gets it for herself.  But, I cheated and looked at her Amazon wishlist and picked up this CD for her.  She and her husband also just adopted a kitty, so I’ll probably get Lucy something too. 

Doeblerghini Bunch:  Thank You Gifts - Ministry of Sound

For BM Sweetheart and BM Niece:
Since these two are technically Junior Bridesmaids, I’m just going to pack their makeup bags with extra goodies.  Maybe some One Direction goodies for BM Sweetheart and some car-related doodads for BM Niece who will be turning 16 the week before the wedding!

And I can’t forget about our Flower Girl!  Here’s what we’re getting her:

A personalized tote bag filled with all kinds of fun things to keep her occupied and happy during wedding day.  Coloring and activity books, crayons, snacks and candy, and if I can find some fun toys at Dollar Tree I’ll throw them in there too.

Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to share the contents when it’s all put together!

Doeblerghini Bunch:  Thank You Gifts - Custom Tote Bag

We’re also giving her this necklace.

Doeblerghini Bunch:  Thank You Gifts - Flower Girl Necklace

Well this post has gotten crazy long, so I'll wrap it up and show you the gifts we're getting for our parents and the groomsmen in another post!

What are you guys getting your bridesmaids?  

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