Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tasty Tasting

On Monday, Dude and I took a half day at work and got a ton of stuff crossed off our ginormous to-do list.  The first of which was our tasting and final menu decisions for the reception and cocktail hour.

We scheduled our tasting with the preferred caterer for The Atrium - Medure's Catering - with plans to schedule tastings with additional caterers if that didn't go well or we couldn't find anything we liked.

My initial call with Kristen at Medure's went well, but honestly, we had no clue what we wanted or what we wanted to taste.  So I left it up to her and here's what we walked in to on Monday (all photos personal unless otherwise noted):

On our dinner plates we had:  sauteed green beans, roasted red and sweet potatoes, eggplant rollitini, and breaded chicken (there was a fancy name for this but I don't remember it).

I mentioned to Kristen that we enjoyed sushi and the chef whipped us up a couple options we could potentially serve at our cocktail hour.

Here was my plate after:

Can you tell I enjoyed everything??

Dude and I both loved the potatoes and the eggplant rollitini so those were on our menu without a second thought.

We also decided almost immediately that with the size of our wedding,a double-sided buffet would be the best way for every guest to get hot food.  I was fine with that, since they'll serve the salads and have bread on the table.

I can't tell you how many weddings I've been to where I'm practically knocking over grandmas to get to the buffet because there was no bread on the table for me to eat while waiting for my table to be called.

We decided on chicken marsala and roast beef in au jus for our main entrees on the buffet, along with a squash medley, the potatoes and the rollatini.  I am so ridiculously excited for those rollatini!  They're a great side, and a great entree for the couple of vegetarians we'll have at the wedding.

After we figured out dinner, we circled back and decided on the apps (not even going to attempt to spell the h-word) for our cocktail hour.

I saw these awesome chicken and waffle bites while perusing Pinterest the other day and I was immediately sold.

I asked if they could do something like that and Kristen was totally onboard.  So those are in.  In addition, we're having bacon-wrapped artichoke hearts with a cheese fondue, a meat/cheese/cracker display, and a fruit skewers with a caramel dipping sauce.

Can you say YUM!!!

So all in all, the tasting was a total success and we are definitely going with Medures!

How was your tasting with your caterer?  Was there anything you loved, stuff you hated?  Did you already have your menu picked out before you went?   

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