Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What the Boys are Wearing

I knew from the beginning of our wedding planning shenanigans that standard black tuxedos weren’t in the cards for us.  Dude fancies himself a stylish guy and to be honest, we’re not formal, our wedding isn’t formal, so tuxedos wouldn’t really fit anyways.

Once we decided on the whole grey and orange color scheme, my brain kinda got fixated on grey suits for Dude and his groomsmen.

I pinned about a million and a half grey wedding party pictures and then I happened upon this beauty.

Is it weird to call a picture of dudes with their heads chopped off a beauty?  In any case, I fell in love.  I loved the groomsmen in just vests, the groom in a suit jacket, and  the bright, fun ties.

I showed this picture to Dude on my phone one day and basically didn’t give him the option of saying he didn’t like it.  I think I finally won him over when I mentioned how freaking hot it will most likely be in the middle of August and how thankful his guys will be that they don’t have to wear jackets. 

So yesterday, Dude and I ventured out to check out our options.  We very quickly discovered there aren’t very many rental options for grey suits. 

We briefly toyed with the idea of having the guys just buy grey pants and a vest, but with ¾ of the groomsmen in professions where “dressed up” means a pair of track pants without permanent stains on them, we thought it was kind of impractical.

Dude eventually decided on this suit for him:

And this look for his groomsmen, but different socks for every guy:

Quick and dirty Photoshopping from me!

I’m still not completely sold with the tie/cufflinks being all matchy matchy, but Dude is excited about them and wants to try to make them himself and I don’t want to poo-poo any sort of DIY project he wants to take on.

It’s pretty cute actually.  (:

So now that we’ve got that off our to-do list, now I’m wondering – do groomsmen and fathers of the bride and groom wear the same suits?  The same ties?  Ties that match their wives/dates? 

My first instinct is to say no because I wouldn’t ask my Mom or his Mom to wear a matching bridesmaid dress, or to even match my girls at all.  But then I get this image in my head of my Dad in a tuxedo and bowtie while all the other guys in the wedding party are in vests only.  I also don’t want Dude’s Great Aunt Sally to mistake my Dad for my husband if he and Dude are wearing the same suit. 

What do you guys think?  Am I just thinking about this too much?

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