Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Pinterest Wedding

My wedding will probably never be featured on Pinterest; and I’m ok with that.

Since the advent of Pinterest and along with it, easier access to the bajillions of blogs and other whatnots, I’m feel like I am constantly struggling to keep up.

Every time I log into Pinterest, I am absolutely blown away by the talent that I see on every page for everything from wedding DIY projects to home construction and organizing.

I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent on Green Wedding Shoes and Style me Pretty and even Offbeat Bride oogling the beautiful weddings brides have created on a budget or with no budget and I feel like my wedding will just never be up to snuff.

I feel like every single one of my guests will yawn when they see my “here comes your girl” sign, the photobooth and our bathroom baskets.   

So then, like some kind of glutton for punishment, I get back on Pinterest and desperately search for new inspiration to turn my wedding into a stylish affair that other brides will lust over. 


I want every bride out there to repeat after me:  If my wedding is never featured on Pinterest, it doesn’t make me any less of a person and it doesn’t invalidate my marriage.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the details of wedding planning that being true to yourselves as a couple is pushed to the wayside and exchanged for the idea of creating the best. wedding. ever.

It is so important to keep reminding yourself (Self, I hope you’re paying attention!) that your wedding doesn’t have to be completely unique to be special or important or memorable.  The only two people who need to see your wedding day as special are you and your husband. 

Just because your wedding may never be featured in blogland, that doesn’t make it any less extraordinary.  And if no one ever says “Oh my GOD, that was the funnest/craziest/best wedding I’ve ever been to!” that doesn’t make you a failure.    

As brides, we become readers of wedding everything and become so saturated with ideas that we forget 95% of our guests aren’t checking out sites like WeddingBee every day or reading Modern Bride on their lunch break. 

I don’t know about you, but I’ve read about a couple having a photobooth at probably 57 featured weddings both online and in print. 

How many weddings have I actually been to with a photobooth?  Two. 
So when I read that photobooths are “overdone” and start thinking that mine will be super lame, I take a step back and remind myself that at least half of our guests have never seen a photobooth outside of a mall food court. 

And if 249 guests out of 250 have been to a wedding with a photobooth, who cares?  Photobooths are a blast and that’s why they’re awesome at weddings.  I guarantee you if I’d been to 20 weddings with one, I’d still be wearing a fake moustache and a sombrero in the 21st.     

Sorry I just harped on photobooths for four paragraphs. 

Back to the point – your wedding day is still your day; it is still one that you will remember for the rest of your life.

On August second, I’ll be marrying the love of my life – my winning lottery ticket.  I’ll be sharing that day and those memories with the 250 people that mean the most to us.  (Ok maybe 220…you never know about those +1s…)

We’ve pulled in elements that make us happy, that we can’t wait to experience with our guests; and truly, isn’t that what matters?!  Who gives two shits if Aunt Lucy hated your Dollar Store centerpieces or your cousin Natalie has already been to 3 weddings this year with a candy table??

In the end, our wedding is just that – OUR wedding. 

Whether a million strangers see it or just the people we’ve invited, I will be happy no matter what the outcome is because, like I’ve said in previous posts, what matters most is that at the end of the day, I can call Dude my husband.

So no, my wedding will probably never show up on WeddingGawker, but as long as in ten years, (twenty years, fifty years) I am still following my vows with the same commitment as when I said them for the first time, I’ll consider it a success. 

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