Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Dreaded Registry

With a guest list of 250 people, I knew our registry was going to be a monstrous task.  Even more monstrous because Dude and I have been in our house for more than three years at this point - we pretty much have everything we need. 

Sure there are some things we can upgrade. 

Like that plate I accidentally smashed off of Pepper’s head while using it as a fan to shut the smoke detector off after a particularly disastrous round of pancakes.  She was totally fine afterwards, surprisingly.

Or like the two spoons, one fork, and the ¼ tsp measuring spoon that have all gone for a ride in the garbage disposal.

Or the malfunctioning smoke detector in our upstairs hallway that we eventually just took down because it went off at exactly 2:34 and 4am two mornings in a row.

But all these defective things in our life will not make up the 200 or so gifts that etiquette says we need to register for.

Doeblerghini Bunch:  Dreaded Registry - How Many Gifts

Cue Dude’s panic.  Dude is just about the worst gift getter (gift receiver?) I’ve ever met.  His reactions to a great (if I do say so myself) gift range from a smile and a muttered “thanks” to an “Oh wow I don’t have this (extremely rare and awesome) CD (that you scoured eBay for months for), thanks.”

So, as you can imagine, the thought of registering – what he calls “begging for gifts” – was torturous. 

I brought up the idea of a Honeymoon Registry and it was immediately shot down because 1) we haven’t picked a honeymoon destination yet, and 2) Dude called it “tacky” and said “begging for money is even worse than begging for gifts.”

I will never agree or understand this, but I think it must be a gender thing because both our Dads agreed it was tacky and both our Moms thought a honeymoon registry was a great idea.

In the end, I saw this as one of those pick your battle type of things so I let it go.

So we were back to registering for 200 gifts.  Thankfully there are a million references on wedding sites all over the internet with lists of things to register for.   My favorites were:  EveryGirl, Real Simple, YumSugar, and Martha’s Dos and Don’ts.

I spent an evening compiling them and going through all our crap to see what we really needed. 

Here’s a peek at the list we took with us when we registered.  And because I love you, a printable PDFversion.

Personal Screen Shot

We ended up registering primarily at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and Amazon.com.  I LOVE our Amazon registry because you can add things from any website.  So those awesome dinosaur planters I saw in the Uncommon Goods catalog?  Totally on our registry. 

We also started a Sears registry because I thought Dude would like to register for some more “manly” things like tools and garage organization stuff.  He says he needs to “research” before he can add anything.  We’ll see… 

How about you guys?  Did you have fun registering or do you have a fiancĂ© like mine that hated every second?  Do you see anything I missed registering for?

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