Thursday, December 5, 2013

Flowers, Flowers and More Flowers

You may remember from my last post that flowers aren’t really my thing.  I never understood the point of spending craptons of money on something that was just going to die in a couple days. 

Dude and I discussed flowers at length and he just was not thrilled with my cheap alternatives to flowers – silk, paper, or sola flowers.  He also immediately shot down the idea of arranging our own flowers the day before the wedding. 

In the end it was kind of obvious that he really wanted bright, fresh flowers.  So I started asking around for florist recommendations and more people than I could count recommended we check out Petal Pushers.

I set up an appointment with Jen and started putting together some inspiration pieces to show her.

Again you may remember from my last post that finding inspiration didn’t start out that great.  But once we got past that, we collectively came up with these must-haves for our florist:

From Dude
Must be BRIGHT, no burnt oranges or cranberry fall-ish colors
Must include tropical flowers (lilies, orchids)
Likes swirly wire accessories
Doeblerghini Bunch:  Dude's Flowers - Swirly Wire
Likes bright green button-looking flowers (like in the wrist corsage above)

From Laura
No roses
No gerbera daisies
LOVE dahlias
LOVE peonies (but I know they’re out of season in August - bummer)

Doeblerghini Bunch:  My Flowers Red Orchid Bout
Doeblerghini Bunch:  My Flowers - Spider Mum

Doeblerghini Bunch:  My Flowers - Magenta Dahlia

Doeblerghini Bunch:  My Flowers - Spider Mums and Succulents

Doeblerghini Bunch:  My Flowers - Birds of Paradise

Doeblerghini Bunch:  My Flowers - Orchid and Succulents Bout

Doeblerghini Bunch:  My Flowers - Types of Flowers

We met with Jen last Saturday and immediately liked her.  It seemed like she just understood us.  She immediately started talking about the funky flowers I could have in my bouquet.  She make Dude wait outside while we chatted about my dress and my shoes.  All in all, we felt really taken care of and anxiously awaited an email quote from her. 

We got it on Wednesday, and after conferring with Dude really quickly, this was my emailed response to her quote:

Doeblerghini Bunch:  My Flowers - Email
Personal Photo

And since I found these kind of breakdowns helpful when I first started budgeting for flowers, here’s what we’re getting for our money:
  • 1 Brides bouquet:  $100 
  • 4 Bridesmaids bouquets:  $60 each or $240
  • 2 Jr. Bridesmaids bouquets:  $60 each or $240
  • 1 Groom bout:  $7
  • 4 Groomsmen bouts:  $7 each or $28 
  • 1 Ring Bearer bout:  $7
  • 2 Mom corsages:  $25/each or $50
  • 2 Grandma corsages:  $15/each or $30
  • 2 Dad bouts:  $7 each or $14
  • 1 Grandfather bout:  $7
  • Cake decorations:  $50
Ok lovelies, I want to hear about your bouquets!  What kind of flowers do you like, which ones do you love?  Are you making your own?  Anyone out there doing an origami or sola flower bouquet? 

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