Monday, November 11, 2013

Wedding Dress Bargain Hunting

My last dress post left off with me finding my dream dress, but holding back on purchasing it due to a crazy expensive belt. 

Dude, again, if you're checking up on the blog, it's time to skedaddle!  Please and thanks!

To refresh your memory, this is the belt in question.

Doeblerghini Bunch:  The Wedding Dress Bling Belt

We can all admit this belt is gorgeous.  The diamond shape accents the sweetheart neckline, the crystals are hand sewn... it's stunning, but seriously, $500 for a belt I’ll wear once? 

No, I can’t explain why I was fine spending $1,500 on a dress I’ll wear once but not the belt. 

Although if we’re real talking here, I’d have no problem dropping twice that on a gorgeous pair of Louboutins. 

Doeblerghini Bunch:  Gorgeous Louboutins

Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my keyboard.  Aaaand I’m back.  

So the belt was holding me back because it would push me over my $1,500 dress budget by $500.  Considering money is already tight due to our ginormous guest list, I didn’t want to push it in this category. 

I knew for sure I could find my dress cheaper if I could just figure out who made it and the style number.  I did a whole bunch of Googling and finally found it - Mikaella 1239.

Even better, after figuring out the style number, I easily found my dress on Tradesy.  An amazing resale website for just about everything.  You list your gently used stuff, they host the image and allow you to safely interact with people willing to buy it. 

They've got sections for normal clothes, shoes, wedding dresses, wedding accessories, even stuff for the groom!  Honestly, I am not a Tradesy salesperson or being reimbursed for mentioning them.  I am just so incredibly happy with them because I was able to purchase my $1,500 dress for...    

Wait for it…


You read that right, I didn’t miss a zero – ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS.  A savings of…ok I’m not good at percentages but what is that?  Like 90% savings?

The dress was in my size and already bustled!  Bonus!!  After exchanging a few emails with the seller, and verifying that she and her hubs were still married and the dress carried no bad juju, I hit the Buy button before I had time to second-guess myself.

Yep, I bought my dress used!  I had some reservations about it, but for $100, I figured I could take my chances and even if it was horribly stained or ripped, or didn't fit, I wouldn’t be out that much. 

I had the dress shipped to my office, since I didn’t want to risk anyone snatching it off my porch.

And, truth time – I tried the dress on in my office bathroom.  #noshame  #itwasawesome  #tooexcitedtowait

Yeah I just hashtagged myself.  I'm that lame and #idontcare.

The dress fit (for the most part, it will need some alterations) and was just as beautiful as I remembered it. 

I still haven't bitten the bullet and purchased the belt, though.  I'm hoping I'll be able to find that used as well, or maybe I'll hit up Etsy and see if someone can recreate it. 

What about you guys?  Would any of you consider wearing a “previously loved” dress?  Is it weird to wear a dress someone else has sweated in??

Is sweated a word?

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