Thursday, November 14, 2013

Nailed It

When I started making a list for our photographer for our must have engagement shots (I seriously cannot wait until we get the pictures back so I can show you the awesomeness!), I knew I needed one of my gorgeous engagement ring. I love it and I love the non-traditional ring pictures like this one with a puppy paw.

Doeblerghini Bunch:  Puppy Paws Engagement Ring Picture

Or this one on a railing.
Doeblerghini Bunch: Railing Engagement Ring Picture

Problem with those pictures is that I have ugly nails and old lady hands.  Really short fingers and nail beds coupled with a lifelong chomping habit and the fact that for at least 6 years I didn't even own a pair of nail clippers, means my nails are short, brittle, and for lack of a better word, kind of ugly.
Doeblerghini Bunch:  Old Lady Hands
Doeblerghini Bunch:  Old Lady Hands

Doeblerghini Bunch:  Old Lady Hands

So what's a girl to do?

I know you guys are screaming "ACRYLICS" at your computer screens right now but to be honest I didn't want to ruin my natural nails even more with glue or risk an infection.  So that pretty much left me with no options other than press-ons. 
I know even saying the words press on nails brings back memories of 3rd grade and your Mom finding them sticking everywhere but your nails.  Towels, couch cushions, under your pillow... the list goes on...

But can I just say in the past 20 years (holy crap it's been 20 years since I was in 3rd grade) press on nail technology has improved by leaps and bounds. 

Am I the only one imagining a lab somewhere in Switzerland where the scientists are all wearing bright red press on nails?  Because Switzerland is the hub of press on nail adhesive technology. Obviously.

I digress.
Here's an "after" picture with my press-ons...pressed on. 

Doeblerghini Bunch:  Nailed It Press-Ons
I always wanted to take a picture like this!

I wore these babies for 6 days before they started getting loose.  And boy, did I put them to the test!  Here’s what I did for those days all in the name of science:
  • Worked out, which includes taking my sports bra on and off 4 times
  • Walked my…let’s just say rambunctious…dogs 6 times
  • Cooked dinner 4 times
  • Baked cupcakes, granola, and sugar cookies
  • Decorated sugar cookies
  • Put on a pair of tights
  • Drummed my fingernails on EVERYTHING – my desk, the kitchen table, my steering wheel, the couch arms, Dude’s arm…everything
  • Typed 2 blog posts
But here are some things these nails suck at:

  • Scratching anything 
  • Picking at a scab 
  • Popping a zit 
  • Getting keys off of a key ring
So clearly if you can refrain from being gross and taking your car to the shop while you're wearing them, you'll be golden.  

These nails were absolutely perfect for what I needed them for – a couple of pictures of my engagement ring that I wouldn’t cringe when I saw them later.  They looked natural and actually lasted way longer than I ever would have thought stick-on nails would!  When they started coming off, the sticky part of the nail didn’t damage my natural nail, and it didn’t hurt to yank them off the rest of the way.

And the best part?  These babies cost me $7, as opposed to $30 or $40 for a real manicure at the salon!  I will definitely be purchasing another set for the wedding!

Has anyone else out there tried stick-on nails?  Was your experience great like mine or did you hate them?  Would you wear stick-on nails for your wedding?

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