Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Let Us Eat Cake!

I have a problem.  I cannot say no to holiday-themed sprinkles on clearance.  This year alone I have bought 4 different containers of Halloween sprinkles.
Last year, I kept coming home with different sprinkles and Dude eventually had to pull me aside and tell me I really, truly did not need the turkey-shaped sprinkles.

I’m still mad I didn’t buy them.  

Anyways, I’m getting off on a tangent here.  I swear this relates to the cake eating I mentioned in the title of this post. 

Soooo a few weeks ago, Dude and I were in the basement, discussing which baked good I should make over the weekend.  Yes, this happens often.  I have (another) problem.  Somehow that conversation evolved into wedding cakes, which then evolved into – 

“How cool would it be if we had a wedding cake with sprinkles!”

Cue Google Image Search.  Apparently we are not the first to have this idea.  Check out these awesome sprinkle cakes!

Doeblerghini Bunch: Sprinkle Wedding Cake

Doeblerghini Bunch: Sprinkle Wedding Cake

Doeblerghini Bunch: Sprinkle Wedding Cake
And then there was this cake.

Doeblerghini Bunch: Sprinkle Wedding Cake
I was instantly in love and hopefully asked Dude if this could be our wedding cake.

He was totally in for a sprinkle wedding cake!  I did a happy dance and then proceeded to send that picture to all of my bridesmaids and after that pinned it so I would never, ever lose it. 

And after all that, I figured now was as good a time as any to start the part of this wedding planning process that I was most looking forward to – CAKE TASTING!

I may have mentioned that once or twice already.

A little advice to anyone planning a wedding – bakeries book up QUICK.  As in 10 months before the wedding, 3 of the 7 bakeries we wanted to taste with were already booked for our date.  One of them was already booked for all of 2014!  

But don’t worry my friends; we got in our fair share of cake tastings! 

Our first stop was with Linda at Signature Desserts.  I picked this bakery because they have an awesome packaged option that includes enough cake to feed half your guests and then an assortment of cakes, pies and cookies for the rest. 

Here’s what we went home with after the tasting:

Doeblerghini Bunch: Wedding Cake Tasting at Signature Desserts
Personal Photo
The cake was pretty good.  Nothing spectacular, but not inedible either.  The real stand out at this tasting was the fillings.  The woman we met with even said they do not flavor their cakes at all, they let the fillings do the talking.  

Their filling is no joke!  All of the fruit and custard fillings we tried were fantastic, but they had a mango filling that was TO. DIE. FOR.  It was so good, Dude and I still talk about it to this day and I have plans this weekend to try to recreate it in my kitchen. 

Doeblerghini Bunch: Wedding Cake Tasting at Signature Desserts
Personal Photo
Next up, we met with a friend of a friend who bakes cakes out of her home kitchen – Amy Cakes.  Dude works with one of Amy’s close friends, and at some point he was given a pink champagne cupcake of hers; and we knew we had to do a tasting with her.  

She was easily the most personable baker we met with.  We chatted with her for an hour about weddings, cakes, babies, our dogs…  It was a lot of fun.  Unfortunately, I’m an idiot and was so excited to try the cupcakes she gave us to taste that I didn’t take a picture.

Her frosting is out of this world - sweet, not grainy, not oily, exactly what I look for in the perfect icing!

Next up was Creative Cakes.  We met with Gwen and her husband and were totally impressed with their fondant cakes.  They had a killer Super Mario Brothers cake that Dude lusted over.  Unfortunately, with a cake budget of “under $1,000,” a fondant cake for our 250-guest wedding is not in the cards for us.

Gwen was awesome and clearly an artist because she actually drew up a picture of the cake we wanted with some custom orange and grey sprinkles to match our colors! 

I wanted to take a picture of her work for you, but I failed and ended up not doing it.  Sorry guys. ):
Finally, our last cake tasting was with Nancy at Madison Ave Cakes.  First let me show you what we walked out of the bakery with:

Doeblerghini Bunch: Wedding Cake Tasting at Madison Ave Cakes
Personal Photo.  Clockwise from left:  chocolate peanut butter cupcake, Boston Cream cupcake, iced pumpkin cookie, giant chocolate chip cookie and a fruit tart in the middle
Hands down, Madison Ave had the best chocolate cake. 

For real, look at this chocolate cake - it's so dark, it blends right in with the black cupcake wrapper!

Doeblerghini Bunch: Wedding Cake Tasting at Madison Ave Cakes
Personal Photo
She also offered a light almond cake that I really enjoyed.  Dude wasn’t a big fan of her fillings, but she was so accommodating and told us to come back anytime if we wanted to try any other cakes or fillings.  

In the end, based on price, taste, and personality, we chose Amy Cakes.  She offered to create a mango filling just for us since we mentioned during our tasting how much we enjoyed the one at Signature Desserts.

So we’ll be doing a chocolate peanut butter layer on the bottom, iced with plain white buttercream icing.  The middle layer will be the bright spinkle layer and it will be an almond cake with mango filling.  The top layer will be the sanding sugar layer and it will be a dark chocolate cake with mango filling – YUM!! YUMYUMYUM!!  

Depending on our final guest count, we may have an additional sanding sugar layer or an extra sprinkled sheet cake in the back. 

We sent Amy pictures of our inspiration cake and she said she’s really excited to make it this summer.  I absolutely cannot wait!   Do all of the exclamation points in the last three paragraphs properly convey my excitement? 

So, what do you guys think?  Did I have an excessive amount of cake tastings?  What flavor was your wedding cake or what flavor will it be?  What do you think about sprinkle cakes – fun or tacky? 

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