Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Best. Weekend. Ever.

Max & Erma's Burger Challenge

And then this
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
And then this
Green Forest Churrascaria aka the Meat Buffet Menu Cover
They had bacon off the slab! Can you say heaven??

And then this
McDonalds Holiday Pie

And then this
Dude and Pep Snuggle Buddies

And now I have just one last thing to say
Phil Robertson Duck Dynasty Meat Buffet - Happy Happy Happy
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Monday, December 17, 2012

FREE Printable Let It Snow Banner!

Free Printable Let It Snow Banner - TItle Picture

What bugs me the most about holiday decorating is that January gets kind of jipped.  Sure January gets New Years Day, but that's about it.  Once your holiday decorations come down, it's all about Valentines Day.

So, the other day I was putzing around on Brusheezy, and came across these super cute snowflake brushes and inspiration for this Let It Snow Banner struck.  And I figured while I was making a cute banner for myself, I should get in the Christmas spirit and share it with you guys too!

Free Printable Let It Snow Banner 

I've got a tutorial below on how I put it together; but don't feel pressured to stick with the colors I picked!  This would be super cute with a burlap background or strung on rustic or bakers twine.  Or if you have some glitter laying around, you could glitterize the letters.  Or if you hate blue fuzzy mittens, you could ditch them.  Maybe I should re-make this banner for myself with all my other ideas...

So if you're following along at home, here's what you'll need.

Let It Snow Banner - Supplies

  • Cute Junk I've Made Let It Snow Banner, printed
  • Hole punch
  • Rounded corner punch (best $5 I've EVER spent!)
  • Any version of your favorite paper adhesive - I used a glue stick
  • 1 sheet of fancy scrapbook paper for the mittens
  • 3 sheets of color-coordinated plain scrapbook paper
  • Coordinating ribbon
  • I don't even know what to call this - white fur-looking ribbon stuff.  I got 12" from the ribbon section of JoAnn's but you could probably get away with 6"
First, cut the Let It Snow letters apart.

Let It Snow Banner - Cut Out Letters

Then, grab your plain scrapbook paper and cut out twelve 4 1/8" x 5 1/2" rectangles.  You'll be pasting your letters (and snowmen) onto these rectangles to give your banner a little weight and make it a bit more durable.

Let It Snow Banner - Cut Out Backing Rectangles

Paste your letters onto the plain scrapbook paper rectangles.

Let It Snow Banner - Finished Banner Letters

If you have a rounded corner punch, get crazy and punch those pointy corners off your letters.  If you don't have one, don't sweat it.

Let It Snow Banner - Rounding Corners

Now it's time to make some mittens for the beginning and end of the banner.

I free-handed the mitten drawing on my fancy scrapbook paper, but there are eleventy-billion coloring pages and templates online if you're particular.

Let It Snow Banner - Mittens

The mittens look kind of naked, don't they??  Cut your crazy fur-ribbon to fit and glue a piece to the top of each mitten.  

Let It Snow Banner - Furry Mittens

Next, grab your hole punch (lots of punching here) and punch two holes at the top of each letter.  Try to center them as much as you can, but no need to get out your protractor.

When you've got all your holes punched, string your coordinating ribbon through them.

Let It Snow Banner - Ribbon and Letters Strung Together

Let It Snow Banner - Ribbon and Letters Strung Together

Now hang that baby up!!  Since the banner is kind of long, it's helpful to have an extra set of arms to help you hang it up.  Attached to you or someone else, doesn't matter.

First I put it up on my mantle.

But I had to take down our stockings to hang it up and the mittens ended up pretty much inside the dragon tanks on both sides.  Then I thought how flipping cute would it be hanging up on top of my snowflake curtain?!

Let It Snow Banner - Finished Banner with Snowflake Curtain


And there it stayed.  Until I decided to move it out onto our covered front porch so our mailman Dominic could admire it.

No pictures, sorry, it was late!!

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Snowflake Curtain + FREE Printable Template

Paper Snowflake Curtain Tutorial | Cute Junk I've Made

I'll be the first to admit, I had literally ZERO Christmas spirit and zero interest in decorating until I got a house and a Pinterest account.  Last year, Dude and I hit up the after-Christmas sales and bought our first Christmas tree, lights, outdoor lights, the whole shebang!  But I put everything up and thought we could use a little something extra in our dining room.

Some of the people I follow on Pinterest pinned some super cute paper snowflake templates and projects (here, here, and here), I got inspired and decided to make a window of snowflakes!

hi everybody, love dude  (see what happens when you leave your laptop on the couch??)

Paper Snowflake Curtain Tutorial - Finished Paper Snowflake Curtain

Ok, so let's decorate your windows with snowflakes!

First things first, download and print my free printable paper snowflake template.  It has 6 pages - one page with labeled folding lines and instructions, one page with just folding lines and 4 pages of cut-able templates to help get you started.  For all you perfectionists out there, once you start to branch out and cut your own designs, remember that you can't really mess up this project.

Alright, once you have the template printed, gather the rest of your supplies:

Paper Snowflake Curtain Tutorial - scissors, template, floss, scrapbook paper
Start with page one of the template and cut out the square just inside the black lines.  I like to start by cutting it out with scissors first and then come in with the paper cutter to get close to the outside lines.

Paper Snowflake Curtain Tutorial - Cut out paper snowflake template - on paper cutter
Paper Cutter
Paper Snowflake Curtain Tutorial - Ready to Fold
Ready to Fold
First fold the square in half, along Line A, keeping the labeled lines on the top.

Paper Snowflake Curtain - Fold 1

Now fold the pyramid in half, along line B, again keeping the labeled lines on the top.

Paper Snowflake Curtain Tutorial - Fold 2

Now you're going to fold the triangle into thirds.  It's not essential that your lines line up perfectly here.  Sometimes they will, sometimes they won't, depending on how straight you cut your lines and how straight your folding was.

Fold first along Line C.

Paper Snowflake Curtain Tutorial - Fold 3

Fold for the last section overtop of the Line C section to create a final product that looks kind of like an arrow or a wonky paper airplane.

Paper Snowflake Curtain Tutorial - Fold 4

Flip your arrow over and cut off the tips.

Paper Snowflake Curtain Tutorial - Cut Ends

Now all you've gotta do is cut out your designs!  If you're using my templates - I think this goes without saying, but just in case - cut out the grey sections.

Paper Snowflake Curtain Tutorial - Templates & Cut Outs

Paper Snowflake Curtain Tutorial - Template 1 folded, cut out and final product

Paper Snowflake Curtain Tutorial - Template 2 folded, cut out and final product

Paper Snowflake Curtain Tutorial - Template 3 folded, cut out and final product

Paper Snowflake Curtain Tutorial - Template 4 folded, cut out and final product

If you feel like it, grab some pretty scrapbook paper and print out the template on the back or just eyeball it.  Scrapbook paper is already a square (12"x12"), so that makes it easy to fold without the template.

Paper Snowflake Curtain Tutorial - Scrapbook paper free-hand

And now, cut as many of them as you want.  I'll be honest, I cut out what feels like a bajillion of these things and I still haven't figured out the mechanics of the folded snowflake. I can't tell you where your cuts will show up or what they'll look like when you open up the folds.  Think of it as a fun surprise!

When you've got a big old pile of snowflakes

Paper Snowflake Curtain Tutorial - bajillions of snowflakes

And a big old pile of scraps

Paper Snowflake Curtain Tutorial - scraps

Start stringing your snowflakes onto dental floss, fishing line, string, whatever you have on hand. 

Paper Snowflake Curtain Tutorial - Snowflake on Dental Floss
Paper Snowflake Curtain Tutorial - Snowflake on Dental Floss, taped

Now hang it up and admire your handy work!

Paper Snowflake Curtain Tutorial - First Strand Hung Up

Hold up, you're not done yet!  Keep stringing snowflakes until you're happy with how it looks or until you run out of cut snowflakes.

Paper Snowflake Curtain Tutorial - Finished Product Close Up

Paper Snowflake Curtain Tutorial - Finished Product Entire Window

Paper Snowflake Curtain Tutorial - Finished Product Entire Window

Helpful hint:  Once you hang up these strands of snowflakes, make sure to cut off any extra string at the bottom.  Otherwise, your cute little dog may think it's a toy made just for her and rip the whole dang thing down!  This may or may not have happened 4 minutes after I finished this project.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Happy pre-Thanksgiving to those in the US that are celebrating!  Tomorrow Dude and I are hosting (his Mom is doing most of the cooking, don't worry) about 20 people at our house, so if you could say a little prayer that all of our animals are behaving, I'd appreciate it!  Either way, I definitely will not have time to post anything, so I'm posting what I'm grateful for today. 

I am so very grateful for Dude and this conversation we had last night is just one of the many reasons:

Watching TV when The Hobbit trailer comes on
Me:  Great news about this movie, babe!
Dude:  Is this Lord of the Rings or something else?
Me:  No, it's not Lord of the Rings, it's kind of like a prequel.  Like Star Wars 1, 2, and 3.
Dude:  So it is Lord of the Rings?
Me:  No, it's about Bilbo Baggins and how he ended up getting the ring.  Frodo was his nephew.
Dude:  So it's about young Frodo?
Me:  No, his uncle.
Dude:  So it's not Harry Potter?
Me: No, not Harry Potter.
Dude:  You're going to blog about this aren't you? 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sunday Morning 11.18.12

Holy crazy eventful weekend! 

Dizzy's wedding was this weekend, with the rehearsal dinner on Friday and the actual wedding on Saturday night.  We rented a hotel room on Saturday so Dude would have somewhere to get ready for the wedding and so I wouldn't be stuck being the DD like I always am!  Let's just say I stopped keeping track of the rum and Coke's I was drinking after 4...

Anyways, after brunch and checking out of the hotel, I had the joy of trying to find my car in the maze of the parking garage underneath the hotel.

By some miracle, I discovered this picture in my phone and subsequently found my car!  No clue when I took it...

Sunday Morning - Parking Spot Number

After finding my car, Dude and I came home and more or less passed out while I listened to the Hobbit soundtrack (sorry if you missed it, the post has been removed now in anticipation of the release on December 10th) -

Sunday Morning Tunes - Hobbit, Unexpected Journey Screenshot

Woke up from the nap and hung out with this little girl in the sunshine.

Sunday Morning Sunshine - Pepper & my slippers

And I don't think I took my slippers off the rest of the night...

Sunday Snuggles